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Anti-Clutter Strategies For Hoarders

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How to Keep Your Space Decluttered

Compulsive stockpiling affects everyone around the hoarder, encroaching onto family members’ space and affects their living condition. It belongs to a syndrome that includes habits such as indecisiveness, perfectionism, procrastination, avoidance, and difficulty organizing tasks. If you had just had hoarding clean up in cities like San Antonio, TX by New Start Biorecovery, here are a few tips that can help you change your over-stashing habits and ultimately improve your quality of life.

Spend a short amount of time a day to clean up. Start by focusing on one specific part of your house or apartment such as your kitchen table or your couch. When you start small you feel accomplished sooner and more often, which is a feeling you can use to motivate yourself to decluttering your house. Take breaks and do breathing exercises whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Make quick decisions about your mail. Filter your mail and newspaper on the day you receive them to keep your mail stack to a minimum. Leaving stuff to be decided on later is the first step towards cluttering your furniture. When you go through your letters, try to think about the importance of each item. Do I need this soon? How is this going to benefit me? Questions like these will help you prioritize what’s important to you.

Only handle it once. If you pick something up at home, decide what you want to do with it right then and there. There is no point in moving stuff from one pile to another because the clutter will remain. Either put it where it belongs or throw it away.

Limit your pet-owning to a number you can manage. Animal hoarding creates a dirty environment that the owners refuse to admit they can’t handle. Think about how much love you can realistically give to each of your many pets you are taking care of. Find new homes for them or leave them at a shelter. A hoarding clean up in San Marcos, TX shouldn’t become a biohazard removal in San Marcos, TX.

Throw away or donate things that you haven’t used for an extended amount of time. This could be anything from broken coat hangers to old clothes to old books to collector’s items that you no longer value. Token items for hobbies for which you don’t actively take part in shouldn’t remain in your house. Physical possessions are always replaceable and can be bought if you ever need them again.


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