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Coping with the Suicide of a Loved One

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Losing a loved one is never easy but when they take their own life it offers its own set of challenges to face. Coming to terms with a death brought on by suicide is extremely difficult.  We can understand losing someone to an illness but not when they make the choice themselves.

Processing your feelings is vital to the grieving process.

Trying to understand why is the first step for most people. Often time, suicide victims do not leave a note and while you may not ever get a definitive answer, it is perfectly fine to ask.

Anger is also a normal emotion one can feel but many struggle with being angry with the victim. You do not have to feel guilty for feeling this way as it is perfectly natural to feel upset when you lose someone. Even if they were the ones who chose to leave.

Since many struggle with feeling angry at their lost loved one, they turn the blame to themselves. Again, it is a natural feeling but you must understand that it is not your fault. No matter what you could have done differently, know that their actions were not a result of anything you did.

During your grieving, be sure to surround yourself with family or friends who will be understanding. These are people who you can lean on during this difficult time. Do not forget to take care of yourself and give yourself space to grieve in private.

It can be hard to move on when cleaning up the aftermath of a suicide. Look to professionals who can clean up the scene but are also understanding to your plight as well. Which can be found at New Start Biorecovery, we aid San Antonio residents during this difficult time in their life. For more information, peruse our site.

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