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Facts About Compulsive Hoarding

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  • Hoarding can often be subcategorized as perfectionism; in order to not make the wrong choice by throwing out an item, hoarders necessitate holding on to everything.
  • Generally, hoarders have an inkling of the compulsion early in their life, but it doesn’t really manifest itself until adulthood.
  • It may not have been proven to be genetic, but hoarding tends to run in the family. Usually, it can be traced to another member with a similar issue. Hoarding can run adjacent with other issues, frequently in the mental health realm. Some common disorders it can supplement are bipolar disorder, depression and social anxiety.
  • Hoarding can fall under the umbrella of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Around 18 to 42 percent of OCD victims can also have a compulsion to hoarding. However, hoarding is not exclusive to those who have OCD.
  • That being said, in 2013, hoarding officially became its own disorder. It can be differentiated from OCD in one vital distinction: OCD provides a primarily negative feeling—it is not pleasant. Hoarding, by contract, is more of a joyous activity. The connection to an item provides a sense of satiation and thrill, therefore making hoarding a much more difficult condition to treat.
  • Most often, hoarding is not about saving or collecting items. It is instead about the fear of throwing out items. This fear triggers anxiety and angst.
  • Around 1.4 million people in the United States are affected by compulsive hoarding.
  • A percentage of hoarders have ADHD. To a hoarder, everything is of equal importance and it’s therefore difficult to prioritize. Additionally, hoarders have a difficult time doing anything else; they can’t focus on activities and have trouble paying attention.

Hoarding is a difficult condition, and sometimes can only be helped by exterior forces. To initiate recovery and a hoarding cleanup, contact New Start Biorecovery.



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