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How to Remove Blood Off of a Hard Surface

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We here at New Start Biorecovery have to follow OSHA regulations when dealing with biohazard crime scene in cities like San Marcos, TX. This means that in order to be compliant with the government, there are mandated conditions that we must meet. This ensures that we perform our biohazard removal safely and professionally. We strive to be the best and most thorough in the crime scene clean up business in Austin, TX. If you’ve experienced a traumatic event that requires blood clean up, give New Start Biorecovery a call at (512) 663-1186. Otherwise, if your blood spill is minor, here are steps to take to cleaning up blood on a hard surface.

<h1>Blood Clean Up in Cedar Park, TX</h1>

First, you must equip yourself with the materials you need to purge blood and keep yourself safe. This includes:

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Leak-proof sharps containers
  • Biohazard bags and labels
  • Brush and dustpan or tongs/forceps
  • Personal protective equipment such as gloves, protective gown, and face mask
  • Registered disinfectant product with a broad spectrum kill claim

Use the brush and dustpan or tongs/forceps to gather and broken shards of glass, ceramic and other like materials that can tear through your protective gear. There should never be an occasion where you pick up broken pieces by hand. This is the easiest way for you to cut yourself and run the risk of getting an infection or possible diseases via contact with foreign blood. Place each piece into a leak-proof sharps container.

Soak up as much blood as you can by covering the affected area with durable cloth towels. This makes cleaning up easier and allows the registered disinfectant with a broad spectrum kill claim to properly disinfect the surface. Pour the disinfectant onto the spill area and let it sit for 10 minutes. Scrub the spill, working your way towards the center of the spill. Soak a new cloth towel with the disinfectant and treat the spill again for thoroughness. It’s important to throw away the blood-soaked towels in biohazard bags after each cleaning step. Do the same for your personal protective gear.

Decontaminate your reusable equipment with the disinfectant. After 10 minutes, scrub each one and wash it off with water.

Do a last check of your body for any splatter so you can prevent self-contamination early. Wash your hands with warm water and disinfectant soap. Consider using disinfectant wipes as a secondary measure.


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