"When the unthinkable happens, think New Start Biorecovery."

How We Work Together

  • Give us a call.

    The very first step is to pick up the phone and call us. With every situation being unique, we need to talk.

  • Discuss your circumstances.

    Here we gain a general understanding as to what you and I are facing and timelines to adhere.  Moreover, you’ll learn on how we’ll treat you.

  • Schedule On-site Assessment

    At some point we will need to schedule an on-site assessment. This will happen when you are ready and the time is convenient.

  • Assessing the Situation

    The health risks associated with decontaminating the scene, the process needed to remediate and abate the situation so that it may be restored back to a healthy environment, and address tools, materials, supplies, and labor to do the job correctly.

  • Pricing & Payment Discussion

    Present pricing, work contract, and payment options. Discuss whether we should engage an insurance company or not.

  • Agreement & Contract

    Once we reach an agreement we will sign a contract and assign start date and time. At times, a down payment is required.

  • Complete the Work

    Our team will complete all necessary work, on time and with care.

  • Final Payment

    Once all work is completed to your satisfactory, we will handle any final payments.

  • On-going Concerns

    After the work and payments are complete, we can discuss any on-going needs and concerns.

*  These guidelines are meant to be suggestive only.  It isn’t necessary to adhere to them perfectly to perform the work well.