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Maintaining a “Healthy” Home

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Health comes in many forms, and there are many precautions one can take to maintain the integrity of their home. Here are ways to take care of your home:


Keep it clean.

It’s important to make sure you are undergoing a regular cleaning for your home. Clean up any dust at least once a week. This will eliminate a large portion of allergic and asthmatic reactions. It is also important to declutter; the more that exists, the more likely it is that chemicals will be released.

Keep it dry.

Generally, a plethora of home issues are caused by excess moisture. This comes from both indoor and outdoor sources that leak through cracks and orifices. Excess moisture can lead to the growth of mold, poor air quality, and also pest infestations. Make sure to keep an eye out of leaks and always seal toilets.

Keep it ventilated.

Have the exhaust fans (in the kitchen and bathroom) on whenever in use. Keep windows open for general ventilation. Ventilation is imperative in removing contaminants and also humidity.

Keep it maintained.

It is important to understand that a home needs upkeep, and cannot function without regular inspections to make sure everything is functioning optimally. Generally these sort of inspections are made easier through the use of trained professionals.

Keep it lacking contaminants.

Generally, one can avoid contaminants by making sure the painted surfaces are well maintained and that products used in the household are safe. Be aware that all contaminants are not easy to detect simply by senses. Do not attempt to mix cleaners. Keep cleaners and other chemicals out of reach of children, preferably in cabinets. Make sure to know who to contacts in order to rid yourself of household chemicals; that should usually be your local waste management company.


These are just some ways to maintain an optimal home. Also, in order to restore a home recovering from an incident (e.g. a hoarding cleanup) to a healthy and safe standard, contact New Start Biorecovery.

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