"When the unthinkable happens, think New Start Biorecovery."

Pricing & Payment Options

New Start Biorecovery isn’t a franchise.  We’re locally owned and family operated therefore we don’t have costly franchise fees, percentage of the sale to franchisor, and nor do we have considerable overhead compared to them.  When you call, you speak directly to the President and Founder of the company not some call center representative or some company where you must tell your story over and over again.  Since 2007, our business is about our family helping other families during their time of need.  We extend compassionate and thorough care to all those we serve.

We can beat any quote and we extend reasonable pricing to all self-pay clients.

Because each scene is unique, we will guide you throughout the entire cleanup process from beginning to end.  Regardless of the scene, our forte is restoring any situation back to a healthy and safe environment.  We stand by our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

  • How much will it cost to remediate a scene or situation?

    No two scenes are alike.  Unless we see the scene, we have no way of knowing the true cost of any biohazard cleanup or hoarder restorative project.  Thus, we offer free estimates so we can better gather all the information necessary to provide you more exact pricing.  It’s just too inaccurate and difficult to provide a quote sight unseen over the phone.  We’re available 24/7 to look at any situation.  However, if you wish to send us photos of the scene, we may be able to offer you a rough estimate.  For more precise pricing, please schedule a site assessment right away.

  • Will my homeowner’s insurance cover the cleanup?

    The short answer is…it depends.  It is policy dependent and varies from homeowner to homeowner.  We’ve worked with every major insurance company and have obtained a level of savviness that will increase the likelihood of your claim being accepted.  We excel in this area!  We are recommended by insurance companies as being dependable and professional.  We’ll assist you in opening a claim, meet with an adjuster, work with your deductible, and finalize payment.  In some cases, you may pay little to nothing out-of-pocket.  Your next step is to contact our insurance experts who will be more than happy to assist you. 

  • What payment options are available?

    Our aim is to always minimize the financial impact on you.  Therefore, if insurance isn’t an option, we’ll work with you.  Your next step is to call us to discuss your circumstances.

    • We accept all major credit cards and personal check.
    • If you’re eligible for third party funding source such as Victims Compensation Fund, we’ll provide a written quote after evaluating the scene. Once accepted, we can estimate your out-of-pocket cost.
    • Flexible Payment Plans: Call for details.
    • Cash Payment Discounts available.

From Our Clients

“I can’t thank you enough!!! We didn’t know who to turn to and trust. Thank God, we were finally referred to you. From the moment I heard the tone in your voice, I knew we were in good hands. Your voice was very comforting to me. When we met, you told us what to expect regarding our cleanup and you worked with our budget. How you’re able to do this line of work with such grace and compassion, I’ll never know. I can tell that you genuinely care about helping people when they’re down. I’m so grateful for you.”
Mrs. Crawford