"When the unthinkable happens, think New Start Biorecovery."

Crime Scene Cleanup

We’re There for You:

If you are visiting our website, you are most likely in need of our services.  Let us first express our deepest condolences if you have lost a loved one or if you have suffered through a traumatic event.  It can be very stressful and confusing in finding a company you can trust during this tragic time.  It’s quite understandable and know you’re not alone.  With over a decade of experience in this industry, New Start Biorecovery was one of the first biohazard cleaning companies in Austin to specialize in crime scene clean up. We have been providing affordable and compassionate crime scene cleaning ever since.

We understand our services are much more than cleaning, thus we’ll handle your crime scene clean up with the utmost dignity and respect.  Restoring a home is the first step in assisting family members and loved ones dealing with the tragedy.  Thus, our crime scene cleanup service incorporates proper cleaning techniques, safe application of disinfectants, and legal biohazard disposal methods.  Our aim is always to use minimally invasive techniques wherever possible to restore your home or business.  Our crime scene cleanup technicians will respond quickly to your place in unmarked vehicles 24 hours a day.  Your next step is to call New Start Biorecovery.  We stand by our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t Do It Yourself:

You’ve been through one trauma, no need to go through another one.  Please don’t further traumatize yourself and expose yourself or loved ones to possible communicable diseases and emotional hardship that can last for years or even a lifetime. Crime scene clean up should be performed by those that have been professionally trained, qualified, and certified; and know how to restore a scene to sanitary conditions using specialized equipment, cleaners, and disinfectants.  Furthermore, it’s vital to have proper disposal methods of biohazardous waste in place.  Statistics have shown that family members who cleanup their loved ones after a death, specifically a suicide are 75% more likely to commit suicide themselves. So please, let us help you by having you call us today.

Crime Scene Cleanup

“When tragedy struck and we were faced with a seemingly impossible situation, our family sought help.  Fortunately, Detective Owens gave us your card.  We felt so helpless until I spoke with you.  You guys really came through for us!  Thank you New Start Biorecovery.”

Forever grateful,

“We were all over the place.  This situation hit us hard.  Laurie from Victim Services complimented you about how people have liked using you in the past.  I can see why you come highly referred.  You treat others like you wish to be treated.  Thanks too for making it affordable.”
Terrence B.
Anthony & Charlene