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Hoarding Cleanup

We know your stressed and possibly confused on how to proceed with a hoarding cleanup.  It’s important to note that we do not simply enter a home that is affected by hoarding and throw everything out.  The reality behind a hoarding cleanup is that beneath the mountains of clutter and chaos there will be items of importance and value that should be kept.  Our attention to detail and understanding of this fact places New Start Biorecovery in a category above and beyond our competitors.  During your hoarding cleanup, we can package and transport items to storage units during the process of removing unwanted items.  We have helped hundreds of individuals over the years in not only restoring their homes, but also in restoring their lives.  New Start Biorecovery has numerous hoarding cleaning options, which range from a complete clean out to organizing and recovering items of importance.  A hoarding cleanup is a specialized service which requires special skills and qualities to achieve a successful result.  We are here to make your situation better not worse, therefore, we’ll extend to you all the compassion and care you need while expressing a non-judgmental attitude.  Our main focus is to help you regain control of your home.  Change is always possible and no situation is ever too severe.

3 Ways to help a hoarder?

Do you know someone who tends to collect knick-knacks and hoard things that they don’t have any conceivable use for?  Does it make their home difficult to navigate, or leave you wondering how they even use certain rooms?  Compulsive hoarding is a more common problem than most people realize and can have a profound impact not only on the hoarder, but those who are part of their life. Here are some suggestions from your friends at New Start Biorecovery on helping the hoarder in your life overcome their habit. 

Understand the Condition

The first and most important thing you can do is educate yourself about the disorder of hoarding.  The condition is considered a part of the more widely known obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Many people underestimate the seriousness of hoarding because of how little they encounter it.  It might just seem like a bad habit, but it’s often more severe than that.  Being familiar with the condition and what it entails are important steps in helping a loved one overcome it. 

Offer Emotional Support

Let your friend or family member know that you’re there for them, that you care and understand the difficulty of what they’re going through.  Easing someone’s stress or shame about a situation like hoarding will help them have more confidence in coping with it themselves, and someone actively and positively encouraging them to work through it can be a great motivator.

Offer Practical Support

A literal helping hand can come in many forms for a hoarder.  You can help put them in contact with a professional therapist specializing in hoarding that can give them the psychological tools to combat hoarding.  You can physically help them through the process of cleaning up, and help find others who would be willing to provide the same physical and emotional support.

Overcoming hoarding is a process, and rarely is it a short one, but your team at New Start Biorecovery is here to help you and anyone in your life dealing with a hoarding habit.  If you have any questions about our services or our organization, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Please call us to arrange your hoarding cleanup.

Hoarding Cleanup

“I called other companies and when they came to give us a quote, they just wanted to throw everything away.  I knew New Start Biorecovery was different…they listened.  My mother was so apprehensive we thought she was going to refuse any help until Eduardo spent about an hour speaking with her.  He took the time necessary to build trust through compassionate care.  His knowledge and experience with those who are battling the hoarding disorder showed.  I’m so glad we put our faith in them.  They simply excelled when we needed them the most.”

“We intervened on behalf of our sister.  Ever since her husband passed away she went downhill and us living away didn’t help the matter.  We were shocked at the pathways and all the clutter she accumulated over the years.  We had no idea just how bad it had gotten.  Fortunately, we called New Start Biorecovery.  They handled us with compassion, care, and thoroughness.  I highly recommend them.  They’re the best!”

“I did everything I could to prevent people from coming over.  The quality of my life suffered and I was drowning in clutter, surrounded by piles of newspapers, catalogs, paperwork, clothing, bags of items I had bought but have not put away or even opened.  My situation only became worse over time.  All my prior attempts to clean and organize my home failed utterly.  They were about to evict me!  That’s when I knew I needed help.  New Start Biorecovery worked with me and took my financial crisis in mind too.  They were 1/3 less than the other companies I called.  Now I use a regular maid service company for ongoing maintenance cleaning and work with a therapist.  I have a home again thanks to them.”
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