"When the unthinkable happens, think New Start Biorecovery."

Homicide Cleanup

The anguish behind a homicide is unbearable.  We understand all too well the tragedy of the loss of a human being.  Strong emotions swirl even long after the sirens stop and the police have left.  Now what?  Once the homicide scene has been released or is about to be released, your next step is to call New Start Biorecovery.  We can even guide you in how to open an insurance claim or, if self-pay, we’ll take your extenuating circumstances into account.  We’re available 24/7.  Your next step is to New Start Biorecovery and see just how helpful we can be.

Don’t leave your homicide cleanup to just anyone.  Ordinary cleaning or maid services are unable to handle bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis, HIV or the emotional trauma the comes with a homicide cleanup. A murder cleanup requires proper protective equipment, specialized tools, cleaners, and disinfectants.  Our trained and certified homicide cleanup technicians are uniquely qualified to help you make your residence or business habitable again.

Homicide Cleanup

“This company has a heart behind its logo, and it’s genuine. I can’t say enough or tell you how much I respect the owner, Eduardo, and the gentlemen who came to my door. They are honest and put their heart and soul into their work…truly helping people.  I highly recommend this company on every level!!!

“We had a terrible family tragedy about as bad as it can get.  The emotional strain this places on family members is intense and requires a huge level of emotional delicacy. The technical skills to safely and efficiently perform this work is a tremendous undertaking

To do both, while aiding with the property insurance claims process, brought yet a whole higher level of complexity to an already emotionally charged environment.

Bottom line, you guys are real pros – I am convinced that I could not have chosen a better company to work with.”

Marcus K.