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Unattended Death

A decomposition or delayed death discovery requires a biohazard cleanup company like New Start Biorecovery, which possesses the highest level of decontamination expertise.  An unattended death presents a variety of difficult concerns and inherent dangers regarding blood and bodily fluids.  Strong, unpleasant, and sometimes noxious odors are also common under these circumstances.  Complete detection and eradication of fluids is a necessity to return any affected area back to its previous condition.

Our death cleanup technicians are trained to deodorize and sanitize such unattended death scenes using methods that provide the best possible outcomes with the least demolition possible.  Odors can permeate into flooring, carpeting, wall hangings, and other personal belongings, making restoration of the affected area to its pre-loss condition difficult.  Ozone treatments may be necessary for several hours or days after completion of the initial decomposition cleaning.  New Start Biorecovery will incorporate these methods when necessary to ensure the best possible result.

We covet your privacy; therefore, we always arrive in unmarked vehicles anytime of the day or night.  Your next step is to call us for a site assessment.  We’ll cover all the cleanup details and even help you open a claim if you qualify.  See how truly helpful we can be.  We stand by our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Unattended Death Cleanup

 “The cops told us not to go in because it was really awful inside.  I called a few other companies that I found online and they were only interested in knowing if my dad had insurance or not.  We were so angry.  When we called you, you were the only to even show us the sympathy we needed. Can’t believe you even took us out to lunch to discuss all the steps needed to be completed so we could walk in there again.  We appreciate all the hard work you people did for us.  We thought the house was a loss but you saved it.”

 “I’m so grateful that someone does these types of cleanings.  I had no idea how we were going to handle this.  Glad Margaret circled your name when we got the list of companies.  You guys are God sends.  Thank you for retrieving and cleaning my mom’s pictures, jewelry, and other personal belongings.  We’ll have a way to remember her forever thanks to you.”
Rhonda & Carl W.