"When the unthinkable happens, think New Start Biorecovery."

Words From Our Clients

  • “When tragedy struck and we were faced with a seemingly impossible situation, our family sought help.  Fortunately, Detective Owens gave us your card.  We felt so helpless until I spoke with you.  You guys really came through for us!  Thank you New Start Biorecovery.”

    Forever grateful,
    Terrence B.

  • “We were all over the place.  This situation hit us hard.  Laurie from Victim Services complimented you about how people have liked using you in the past.  I can see why you come highly referred.  You treat others like you wish to be treated.  Thanks too for making it affordable.”

    -Anthony & Charlene

  • “Mr. Lopez, we thank New Start Biorecovery from the bottom of heart for helping us with the cleaning.  We couldn’t bear the thought of us doing it.  Our son meant the world to us and we’re still so very hurt and saddened.  We appreciate the way your company treated us during this delicate time. He served his country proudly. I just wish the help would have helped him more.”

    Edward & Beverly J.

  • “When you asked us if we were willing to write down a personal note about our experience working with your company, I just had to let others know.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to inform others that they don’t need to look any further.  You showed up in the middle of the night and comforted us for a while before you even began working.  New Start Biorecovery was exactly what we needed.  We thank you for checking in us a week later.  That was a nice touch.  Make sure you call New Start Biorecovery.”

    Kind regards,
    Melissa V

  • “This company has a heart behind its logo, and it’s genuine. I can’t say enough or tell you how much I respect the owner, Eduardo, and the gentlemen who came to my door. They are honest and put their heart and soul into their work…truly helping people.  I highly recommend this company on every level!!!

    -Marcus K

  • “The cops told us not to go in because it was really awful inside.  I called a few other companies that I found online and they were only interested in knowing if my dad had insurance or not.  We were so angry.  When we called you, you were the only to even show us the sympathy we needed. Can’t believe you even took us out to lunch to discuss all the steps needed to be completed so we could walk in there again.  We appreciate all the hard work you people did for us.  We thought the house was a loss but you saved it.”

    Rhonda & Carl W.

  • “I’m so grateful that someone does these types of cleanings.  I had no idea how we were going to handle this.  Glad Margaret circled your name when we got the list of companies.  You guys are God sends.  Thank you for retrieving and cleaning my mom’s pictures, jewelry, and other personal belongings.  We’ll have a way to remember her forever thanks to you.”

    All my respect,

  • “Our experience with New Start Biorecovery was outstanding!  I called two other companies and I got so frustrated because I was transferred so many times and had to repeatedly tell my story.  Eduardo answers his own phone and I was so relieved to speak to the head of the company and not some receptionist or call center operator.  They arrived an hour after I called them.  From the moment they arrived, Eduardo and his crew were very helpful and informative. They answered every question and concern we had about our situation.  If you find yourself needing a biohazard cleanup, the best choice out there is New Start Biorecovery.”

    -Marcus & Angela T.