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The Importance of Empathy for Hoarding Clean-Up

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Learning to Understand a Hoarder’s Mindset

Hoarding appears to be this new phenomenon but in actuality it is not. We just now have a name for the excess collection of items that we see in people’s homes. Anyone who has tried to help a hoarder cleans their home can attest to its difficulty. Hoarders become very resistant and defensive when it comes to the idea of disposing of their items. It can be quite shocking to those who want to help. That is why it is important to empathize with a hoarder in order to make progress.

How to Relate to a Hoarder

Before you make assumptions about a hoarder’s mindset, you must know that they are aware of the situation. Hoarders are not unintelligent or unclean. Their defensive reaction when the subject of their collection comes up is an indication that they know the collecting has grown out-of-hand. Typically, there is a psychological disorder that the hoarding stems from. Depression or a trauma are among the top reasons why someone will hoard items.

Before you make an attempt at helping them clean their home or get over their collecting, sit down and talk to them. Talking about the first item they collected can give you a good idea of what triggered the situation and how you can help. It is also advisable to seek out a professional who can counsel the hoarder, walk everyone through the cleaning process, and be there after the clean-up for support.

Hoarding Clean-Up in Austin, TX

Cleaning up an environment where hoarding occurred is never an easy job, nor is it always safe. Residents of Austin can seek out our professional and empathetic services for the job. For more information, please visit our site or contact our office at 512.663.1186.

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